The true embodiment of a 21st century musician, Will Cassatt is dedicated to creating music that stands above the crowd. With an innate sense of drama, Will’s music helps carry the emotion of a scene or character into a realm that words alone cannot reach.


            As a composer for film, video games, advertising, and all visual media, Will feels just as comfortable conducting a full metropolitan orchestra as he does crafting bangin’ beats in his studio. His music spans a wide variety of genres, from orchestral to hip-hop to metal to bluegrass – sometimes blending all four at once. Will is passionate about crafting music that enhances the essence of a story or brand in such a way that doesn’t divert attention from the visuals onscreen, and his music has been performed and recorded by some of the country’s top studio musicians, including members of the Seattle Symphony.


            Will recently completed his Master of Music degree from the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program in Seattle, WA, under the tutelage of Emmy Award winning composer Hummie Mann. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Classical Guitar performance from the Manhattan School of Music in New York, NY, where he studied with David Leisner. When he’s not composing, you can find Will lifting at the gym, practicing with his metal band Phuneral or playing his banjo in the backwoods of West Virginia.